Fundraising Ideas

Regional Clubs need money to operate, as well to support club activities. Funds are generated by membership dues, horse shows and trail rides, but sometimes clubs need additional revenue. Below is a list of fundraising ideas submitted by regional club members. For more information on how to market your club, visit the "Marketing Tools" section of this website.

Silent Auction

People bring themed baskets or items to bid on. Example: "Movie Night"- had micro popcorn, DVD, bottles of pop, box of Junior mints put into a large popcorn bowl. "Favorite Things" had horse treats, salt block, brush, mane/tail detangler, comb put into a feed bucket.


Buy two part tickets and sell them for $2.00 each. Fifty percent went to the youth and 50% went to the winner holding the ticket. Update the group on how much the pot was up to and that gets them buying more for better chances.

"CHAIR"ity Live Auction

One club did this at their the Memorial Day show and raised close to 2,500.00. The person would decorate a chair (new or used) with whatever excited them. We had gift certificates added, toys, stuffed animals, plants, hats, benches, doll chairs, bean bags, all kinds of options. It was a lot of fun too.

Silent Auction

Items are donated by the members of PHC and put up for auction on Sunday during the show. It’s always funny at the end to see which items are being fought for!! We had almost 30 items last year and made nearly $1,000 from this event. We plan to have it again this year as it was a big money maker!

Pattern books

At our three day shows, the junior club prepares and sells pattern books to exhibitors. The judges supply their patterns in advance and we have a member’s parent who prepares and binds the book at no cost to the club. We sell the books for an affordable price of $5.00 and have had big success with this fund raiser.

Practice Trail Course

The junior club sets up the trail course twice during the event so that exhibitors have an opportunity to practice. We set it up on Friday night and Sunday night, offer up practice at $10.00 per exhibitor for ½ hour riding time and limit the riders to as many obstacles there are. The slots are filled up fast – only help needed is to set up the course and to keep exhibitors on the scheduled slots. Another fund raiser that is easy and profitable.

Breakfast Sale

During the Memorial three day show we set up a breakfast sale. Breakfast items are sold and prepared by junior members. This year we sold breakfast burritos – it was a big success and very easy to prepare with a crock pot and shredded cheese. A little salsa on the side too!! Members brought baked breakfast items and doughnuts to sell. Coffee, juice and hot chocolate were also offered.

Flower Sale

Have in the spring for hanging baskets and bedding plants. We contact a local nursery, make up a price sheet and order form and take orders for about a month. They are delivered and we deliver them to buyers. Easy!


Tee shirts and sweat shirts that we have made up at a local printer. They are very popular especially at our April show which is usually very chilly.

Super Clinic

Several local trainers donate their time and we charge $45 for the day and make a great profit.

Stallion auction

Stallions are donated from APHA stallion owners. All proceeds were profit. 

Free Will Donation

Have bake sales at each show. Youth club members and Board of Director’s prepare cookies, brownies, etc. and the youth sell them. Rather than putting a price on each item, we just say it’s a free will donation. It works very well. We usually make between $100 and $150 at each show for very little work!


People can buy tickets for as low as $1. Plus it is easier right now to get stores and farriers & vets or whomever to give things like gift certificates than it is for them to give cash donations in this economy. We've also had good success in the past with a silent auction at an event.

Laminated Back Numbers

Purchase a non-heated machine and laminate numbers for a show.