Regional Club Benefits

Benefits available to regional clubs from APHA

Being associated with a chartered Regional Club provides several benefits. The most important benefits are intangible. Belonging to a regional club gives members the opportunity to be associated with a world-wide organization that shares the common goal of promoting American Paint Horses. By working within that organization, individuals may have a large and positive impact on the future of the breed.     

Regional Club Sponsorship Program
APHA is offering a great cash opportunity to Regional Clubs for their efforts to encourage participation, recruit new members, offer creative formats, and enhance the exhibitor’s experiences at their Regional Club sponsored APHA shows. Regional Clubs are the backbone of the APHA experience and we would like to support those clubs that are going the extra mile to make their APHA shows a great experience for our members. APHA will offer $1,000 cash awards to 5 clubs for use at a Regional Club sponsored POR show, or one and two judge show that the club is hosting in 2014. Clubs will only be eligible for the sponsorship once in a two-year period and must be in good standing with APHA. The club must fulfill all the annual Regional Club requirements and the show must also be approved and all show fees paid in order to be eligible for the award. Click below for more details. 

Liability Insurance
Regional Clubs often find themselves in need of liability insurance for many of their events during the year.  APHA has made special arrangements with Specialty Program Insurors, Inc., to offer protection to clubs for a number of events, including horse shows and trail rides. For more information, clubs may contact this company at (800) 338-3313 and mention that they are an APHA Regional Club.

Promotional Assistance
The Association offers several promotional benefits to approved regional clubs through the APHA Marketing Department.    

Information and Photos for Newsletters and Websites
News releases are prepared on a regular basis to promote the accomplishments and activities of American Paint Horses and the APHA. This information, with downloadable images, is available for Regional Club newsletters and Web sites at APHA also publishes a monthly newsletter delivered to members’ e-mail addresses. It includes important dates and news, and may also be used as a source of information by Regional Clubs. To subscribe, visit Valuable information is also contained in the APHA Annual Report, which is available at Contact information for regional clubs is available in the Paint Horse Journal on a quarterly basis, as well as in the Club Finder section of the Website.

APHA Promotional Merchandise
Regional Clubs can purchase items from the APHA General Store at a 20% discount. A regional club may order any item from the General Store catalog, available upon request from APHA or online at, and apply the discount to the total purchase price of the merchandise.

Promotional Literature
The Association will provide upon request a quantity of literature to be distributed at club-sponsored events or area trade shows and equestrian fairs. For shipping purposes, please notify the marketing department at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event.  

Advertising Discount
Regional Clubs may purchase advertising in the Paint Horse Journal at a 25% discount. Contact Sales Manager Jackie McGinnis @ for more information or to place an ad.  

Booth Display 
If your club is representing the APHA at an event and you would like an APHA, banner or official APHA signage, simply request in writing what you would like, or describe your event and we can help you. Include the dates and details of the event and the APHA Marketing Department will service requests in the order of receipt. Contact for more details.  

APHA is proud to have representatives out promoting Paints, so let us support you as you support us!

Free Membership List
Another major benefit of being a chartered club is the privilege of access to APHA membership lists. A regional club officer may request one free list per year. The list may be printed in alphabetical or zip-code order. A club may request a list for the state or states (if the club covers one or more states) under its jurisdiction or for a set of specific zip codes (if the club covers parts of more than one state). The officer can get zip code information online or from his or her local post office. Gummed mailing labels are available at the rate of 15¢ per label. Contact for more information on obtaining a membership list.

Mass Marketing Email
A great way to promote your club's show is to let APHA send an email to the members in your area through our mass marketing email service.  Complete this form and after show approval, we will do the advertising for you. Contact for more details.