Purpose of Regional Clubs

Regional Clubs are the backbone of the American Paint Horse Association’s grassroots marketing program for the breed. Since its inception in 1962, the Association has approved more than 115 Regional Clubs worldwide. Successful Regional Clubs are those that are well organized, those that have a clearly defined purpose and those that are dedicated to promoting the American Paint Horse. This website is designed to provide club and Association leaders with a variety of useful information and resources.

Purpose The purpose of all APHA approved Regional Clubs is defined by the Official APHA Rule Book, which states:

"Clubs must be formed only for advancing the Paint Horse through the ideals of the national association, including good horsemanship and good sportsmanship.”

When the purpose of a Regional Club is in sync with the mission of the APHA, a dynamic union is formed. The association, as directed by its purpose, consists of people who are interested in the breed. APHA has a staff of skilled professionals whose jobs are to implement and enforce the rules, to market the breed, and to attract new members. 

Regional Clubs provide the framework for attracting new members at the local or “grassroots” level.  Regional Clubs make recommendations for the APHA Board of Directors to the Directors Nominating Committee. Directors are then elected by all APHA members in good standing. Board members are charged with representing the interests of their regional members to the national organization. In turn, one way the APHA communicates with its Regional Clubs is through its directors, who are asked to report information at the local level.

Cooperative Ventures When this relationship works as it is designed, then opportunities exist for the association and the Regional Club to cooperate on such ventures as regional trail rides, the APHA Workshop and Convention and championship shows. Programs that have been designed to foster this type of cooperative venture include the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) program, the Ride America® program, the Amateur and Novice Amateur programs, the Youth program, and the American Paint Horse Foundation.