Regional Club Overview

APHA Regional Clubs

Looking for a group that offers camaraderie, competition, hospitality and friendship? Then look no further than your local regional Paint Horse club. Paint Horse clubs bring the ideals of the American Paint Horse Association—a friendly atmosphere, a high regard for its members and the promotion of family values—to horse enthusiasts at the local level.

These equine booster clubs are as diverse as the Paint Horse breed itself, but they share common goals—to educate the public about the qualities of the American Paint Horse and APHA, to encourage Paint breeding for conformation and athletic ability, to give members the opportunity to show their Paints and to host alternative activities such as trail rides and social events for non-competitors.

American Junior Paint Horse Association members are frequently the most active group within a regional club. For your Paint enthusiasts who may live miles apart, but share a love of horses, clubs provide a common meeting place and a host of activities. 

Regional club membership is not limited to a single club. A Paint enthusiast can belong to as many Paint Horse clubs as he or she chooses. Most APHA members belong to multiple clubs for competition purposes. Membership is required to participate in a club’s futurity and to be eligible for a club’s year-end awards.  

Whether you have ten flashy show horses or one backyard buddy, you’ll be welcome at the APHA regional club of your choice. Find a club near you today!